Why I ditched my Apple watch for this new coolness.

After all that hype and glossy advertisements I was one of firsts in my town to pre order (once so shinny) Apple watch. With time I get used to it, the features which I felt wasn’t necessary became a part of my daily life, cool notifications of every app you have installed on your iPhone, all emails, quickly read messages, imessages, quick access/notifications from other instant messengers, changing tracks while driving, while workout without putting an effort to take out my phone from my pocket (such a tough job, right?)

On the way I figured out that all of these features weren’t actually those I intent for, for me these were all additional and addictive. Keeping me more alert for no reason. For some reason I found the whole navigation experience design is hard to use, like a whole smartphone features were forced into a small 38mm screen. One of the possible useful feature I think was heart beat check, but to access that is a pain. The screen setup was horrible, there weren’t any good options for glances/homescreens. On top of all for this you need to charge and which wont last for days, hardly a day with normal usage. I’ve been using Apple watch since its launch which is like 1 and half year I guess, I’ve never used any apps from Apple watch screen, all of these experience can be better achieved on a mobile device. I feel its bulky for no reason, and music control is not smart enough to keep me engaged with Apple watch any more. I could just get a bluetooth music remote for that, which doesn’t even require to look at screen. The activity app on iPhone for Apple watch didn’t really performed well, the experience was dark and ugly.

Now coming to the new coolness – Fitbit flex 2

So this is the simple wrist band without any forced features but it does something that actually makes me have a look and keep using its application on my phone. It simply tracks all of your activities, calories burned, steps taken, workout tracking, sleeping quality and more without you doing anything. In one charge it goes for like 4-5 days. Its cool its smart and very minimal, that is how any of the smart wrist bands or smart watches should look and work like. It tells me if Im getting any messages or calls on my phone without even looking at it, through minimal patterned vibrations on wrist. Don’t need to worry about if it gets wet, it works while swimming well. So its a minimally smart and simple activity tracker which summarizes all of your activity in its neatly design application, its well synced with app. I would say the great part is how they have designed the app experience keeping in mind the human interactions which is the biggest reason why I personally think Apple watch is lacking. The syncing, the charging, unlocking, app experience and alot more forced interactions are the draw backs of Apple watch.

And yup, the cost difference.