A day with Apple Watch in Dubai

Being in Dubai and waiting for super hyped gadget from Apple is almost impossible atleast for a person like me who is so involved with interaction design for web and applications on daily basis. Thanks to a friend of mine who sent me this beautiful gift last week, yes the space grey sports version of Apple Watch.

Now let’s simply dive into the real talk. The Apple watch is no doubt an amazing product by Apple, in short what it basically does is keep you notified with your apps available on iPhone, so you don’t really need to take your iPhone out everytime just to see a notification.

Health and Fitness

Its also a great activity tracker which tracks your every movement from running, walking out, exercise and other physical activities. Whats good in regards to fitness is it lets you set you daily goal and it helps you achieve your daily goal by prompting you with light vibration on wrist and tone.

Heartbeat Monitoring

This is one of the most anticipated feature, we all know we’ve been waiting for something that can tell us our heartbeat on the go, so here it is. Its actually very useful for a person who would want to keep track of his/her fitness activities, who goes for running, walking out or gym.

What’s not good to me

The countdown timer is ugly, not a great design. Poor ugly colours not very useful, you get to know this part specially when you workout in gym.

Going back to homescreen is a pain, you really don’t want to push the huge button to go back to homescreen to access apps. There must be some kind of slide feature may be at the bottom to go back to homescreen.

It really lacks number of clock faces. Need some more clock faces and more customisation options. I really don’t understand why there is this different approach that customisation has been introduced, as far as I know Apple never took this approach of giving user customising options.

Too much swipe swipe swipe to access different features, like music control, heartbeat, weather etc.

The wrist band for sports version is not very friendly, I might look for another band.

Not a washroom friendly thing, I am always worried to keep my watch away from water.

I still sometimes use my iPhone to do simple stuff, which I think can be handled in watch interface.

I just started this journey and will be updating this post with more of my experience.


The Apple watch is not yet officially available in Dubai, according to Apple website I think it will be available sometime later in 2015


I think the price would be somewhere around AED 1200 to 1500 but in the grey market the rates are from AED 3000 to 5000 for sports edition.

Suggestion to new buyers

I would suggest to wait for the official release in your location, its not something you would want to spend extra money and get it advance.


This is a nice to have gadget. The product is in its initial stage with it first version, this will evolve further with more exciting features. Its good to have it now and get used to the new technology.