Apps you need while you’re in Dubai

Whether you are coming to Dubai for a short visit or moving here for work, these handfull apps will surely make your life faster and much easier. Having all these technology filled advance features on the go is a must.

Mobile Operators

Du and Etisalat

Du and Etisalat are the only two major operators for mobile services in Dubai, you need to get SIM from either one of them. Both provides excellent services which you need in this time. Their apps provide somewhat similar features, check you balance, make payment online, keep track of your plans and data usage, bill history and more. Having these apps are really very important on the go, they provide ease of access to all of your accounts details.

iOS: Du, Etisalat Android: Du, Etisalat

Buy, sell or rent. Property, Cars or anything (used or new)


This is one the most demanding app here in Dubai, this becomes very usefull specially when you are new in Dubai and even for residents. This is basically a classfied ads app where you can find almost everything new or used for your household, your office, car and anything you think its there. This app is also known for finding property on rent if you are new in Dubai. There is alot of incoming and outgoing due to which people buy and sell stuff quickly over here. If you want to buy something used specially you can find it here or of you’re selling something you just post your ad here for free and will start getting responses within hours.

iOS: Download Android: Download

Dine out, Take away and Delivery


For sure you will be needing food from outside at times when you’re busy with other stuff and have no time for cooking. And in a city like Dubai you cannot miss dining options. This app has all the information a food lover needs, you can easily find restaurants by location, cuisine and other filters for dine in or food delivery. See the photos before you order and look for prices in their menus, almost all of the restaurants in Dubai are listed here. You can also write your reviews, check into places and upload photos.

iOS: Download Android: Download

Taxi Booking


To make your visit even more convenient you can get cabs easily by simply booking through this app. SmartTaxi allows you to locate yourself on the map so that the driver can find you easily. You can also see your booking history, also you can see realtime location of your driver to get better idea where the driver is and how much time he needs to reach your place. After ordering you get a call back for confirmation and then you can proceed with seamless experience.

iOS: Download Android: Download

Events Calendar

Dubai Calendar

You can keep yourself updated with whats happening around. This app allows you to see upcoming events in Dubai. You can see nearby events and add events to your favorites.

iOS: Download Android: Download

Movies and Cinemas

Reel Cinemas, VOX Cinemas, NOVO Cinemas

These are the major cinemas in Dubai, you can find any of these in your location very easily and mostly in malls. These apps will help you a lot if you are into movies, you can see which movies are currently showing and which are coming soon. All of these apps allows you to book tickets choosing your favourite seats and pay online using your credit/debit card.

iOS: Reel Cinemas, VOX Cinemas, NOVO Cinemas

Android: Reel Cinemas, VOX Cinemas, NOVO Cinemas

Shopping Malls

The Dubai Mall, City Centre Malls, Mall of the Emirates, Dubai Marina Mall

All of these mall apps allows somewhat similar functionalities, these are very useful because you need to visit malls for shopping. Malls in Dubai are nicely managed but when you’re running out of time these apps would become very useful, you can search for exact store/shop you’re looking for and reach there with the help of instructions provided by these apps. All of the malls have wifi internet access, its better you download these apps before visit there to save your data

iOS: The Dubai Mall, City Centre Malls, Mall of the Emirates, Dubai Marina Mall

Android: The Dubai Mall, City Centre Malls, Mall of the Emirates



This app is one of the best examples of recent technology integrations for payment solutions. You can simply tap and pay which gives you discounts and rewards. Its very easy, you simply link your credit card and all you need to do is tap your phone at stores.

iOS: Download Android: Download

Buy clothes and accessories online


Atleast for me this app has done a really great job, the service is fast and super easy to use. If you’re into fashion and buy clothes and everything you will love this app. It has different section for men and women and also greatly categorised products. You can search for products of you interests using different filters. This one is best to buy clothes online in Dubai, buy shoes, buy shirts, trousers or anything wearable.

iOS: Download Android: Download

Note that there are a lot apps out there providing similar services in Dubai but these ones are by far most successful and based on my personal preference being a user experience design expert.