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Why theres a slash between UI and UX?

This has always been a great topic for debates amongst UI and UX people and I always find this topic interesting to put some light on. This is bothering me since long, and once I myself used to be a part of this slash between UI and UX.

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Knowing the artist in Web Designer

Web artist is basically and mostly a web designer who visualise and represent his/her idea in the form of unique web experience. Not all web designers are web artists.

Normally when you say web designer it means a person who can design websites and has knowledge of using web design tools/applications, which doesn’t necessarily means that he/she has a proper design sense.

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Why Dubai is the best place for Designers

Dubai is the best place for every professional, this is the most advance and the most developed city where everything is on your finger tips, quick and easy access to almost each and everything you need in this time of fast paced technology. Designers need more flavors in their work and thats why this place is gold mine for designers, specially new media designers because this place is and will be the best when it comes to new media and technology,

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Graphic Designer vs Website Designer, understand the difference.

Graphic Designer and Website Designer has always been under misconception by non-design people who are looking for design services and one window solution. Due to heavy competition in this industry most Graphic Designers pretend that they know Website Design as well just for the sake of business which end up as a non user friendly experience of website. In some cases flaws in website user experience can be a result of client’s feedback those who are less-aware of Design Aesthetics.

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Why you should use Facebook Messenger instead WhatsApp

WhatsApp is one of the best instant messaging apps out there which is widely used by smartphone users around the world. Facebook Messenger is a good alternate which is also doing quite well and in few time it is expected to overcome WhatsApp and other instant messaging apps. Here are few reason which i think you should use Facebook Messenger instead of WhatsApp:

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Design Understanding not meaning-less visuals

I often think and believe design is very subjective, no matter how good your design is, you really cannot imagine how your design is going to be perceived by the audience unless until you execute your visualisation. Its more about the right time and right decision and your surroundings has a lot to do with it.

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