Design Understanding not meaning-less visuals

I often think and believe design is very subjective, no matter how good your design is, you really cannot imagine how your design is going to be perceived by the audience unless until you execute your visualisation. Its more about the right time and right decision and your surroundings has a lot to do with it.

Talking to more and more people than designing with your own thoughts can simply improve your way of design management. Understand the behaviours, how normal user thinks and how you can implement the usability into your designs that fulfils your user needs. You cannot draw anything from your brain, except repeated patterns.

Learn from what others have achieved and take inspiration from nature and people.

Designers around the world work hard to make their designed user experience/interface more visually appealing addressing their project business needs, don’t take too much inspiration from visuals, see what smart ways they have implemented which makes their work unique and stand out — why its standing out is because you are viewing it.

Listen to everyone, pick the best. Implement what you really think would work best. If you are a user experience and interface designer you know whats best for your application.

Image source: Imaginedc