Why Dubai is the best place for Designers

Dubai is the best place for every professional, this is the most advance and the most developed city where everything is on your finger tips, quick and easy access to almost each and everything you need in this time of fast paced technology. Designers need more flavors in their work and thats why this place is gold mine for designers, specially new media designers because this place is and will be the best when it comes to new media and technology,

the way and in the speed its developing is simply making it clear the future of design and technology is here. These are some of the main reasons I believe Dubai is the best place for Designers:

1. Seamless integration of technology

Technology is well integrated everywhere here, from making payments by just tapping your mobile (eg: Beam Wallet) to high end internet service. TheDubai Smart Government doing so well with all the systems online and on mobile for ease of access, the turnaround time for everything is unbelievable. Everything is on your finger tips all you need is to make your decisions. Every other person has smartphones and the mobile companies over here making it easier for consumers to get the best and latest devices with high speed internet, the more latest devices people have the more integration of technology becomes easier. To give an idea you can get the latest device in few minutes with just 200 AED per month. The metro stations are well equipped with technology.

2. Easy Transportation

Transportation in Dubai is world-class, its so easy to get anywhere you want around the city. The RTA (Roads and Transport Authority) in Dubai plays the major role, the best metro systems are here with driver-less metro trains — that is superb. You can easily get your metro cards i.e. NOL Cards from any station and start using it right away, there are variety of different cards which you can choose here: Dubai Metro NOL Cards based on your requirements. There is Dubai Tram and Dubai Taxi as well. You can simply book your taxi from Smart Taxi App for Android or Smart Taxi App for iOSand you will have it within few minutes.

3. Availability of latest things

You can find each and everything you need for your living, there are bunch of online platforms where you can search for and almost everything is available in Malls and super markets. You can find latest electronics, home appliance etc.

4. Global exposure and variety of work

Being a designer we always look for working on great brands that will obviously enhance our skills and give us more exposure. All you need to do is get your job at well known digital agency. You get to work on multiple clients from around the world. Dubai has become the hub for businesses so almost all major companies have their offices in Dubai and obviously when these companies are here they need digital services that requires major design work. So eventually this place has become more important for new media designers who can work on interactive designs, mobile applications and other new media platforms.

Note: All views expressed are based on my personal experiences, it may vary from person to person. Image source: Dubai Incredible Blog

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