Frequently Asked Questions

Any specific question you may want to ask please write to me using my contact page.

Web Designers salaries in Dubai starts from AED12000 and can go upto AED20000 on average, depending on your experience and qualifications and the organization you are dealing with.

Finding jobs is very easy in Dubai, everything is automated and online, you can find your dream job just by searching on Linkedin and choose the location United Arab Emirates.

Logo design cost varies based on requirements and alot of other factors. If you are working with design-literate and skilled designer normally on average its AED 3000 for a basic logo design.

Cost for making website in Dubai depends on alot of factors. Like if you are a very small business or startup and looking for a 4-5 pager static website it would cost you approx AED 10000 but it heavily depends on the fact that whom you are getting your quote from, eg: if you are working with freelancer you might get lower rates and if you are dealing with agency it depends on where the agency is standing in terms of quality and clientele. Normally small businesses get their websites done with an average digital agency for AED 25000