Graphic Designer vs Website Designer, understand the difference.

Graphic Designer and Website Designer has always been under misconception by non-design people who are looking for design services and one window solution. Due to heavy competition in this industry most Graphic Designers pretend that they know Website Design as well just for the sake of business which end up as a non user friendly experience of website. In some cases flaws in website user experience can be a result of client’s feedback those who are less-aware of Design Aesthetics.

This doesn’t mean that all Graphic Designers are not Website Designers, there are many good designers around who can handle both designs very smartly. I heard alot of people believe that a Graphic Designer can contribute in many design mediums, i partially believe that too. But as far as website design is concerned not all Graphic Designers can do it today. Websites back in 2002 were way more different that can be handled by most Graphic Designers but today the game has changed alot, there are User Experience Designers / User Interface Designers who specialises in website design.

A Graphic Designer is one creative person who can visualize and design graphics based on requirements, you can also say its a commercial artist. I will explain the difference between Fine Artist and Graphic Designer in my blog later. On the other side the Website Designer is a creative who knows the best of user experience and interface design for websites, how to create a responsive designs, reactive designs and user expected behaviour. A Website designer has a background of Communication Design, usually a Graphic Designer extended his areas of interest. Communication Design base for Graphic Designer and Website Designer is must, one cannot be just a Website Designer without these foundations. Website Designer without the foundations of design is probably a website HTML developer who knows Photoshop.