Nexus 5. The pure Google phone for iPhone users

After being a loyal Apple user for years this pure Android device Google Nexus 5 made me give it a try. I luckily got a chance to experience the Nexus 7 tablet which gave me a sense of quality interface and build of Nexus line. I use macs, I used to have iPhone 3gs, 4, 4s, and now using iPhone 5, I have tested hell lot of great Android devices out there from HTC One to Moto X and many others during my iPhone journey but the way Google want Android to be is only on Nexus 5.

Not all Android phones are capable of providing greater experience, there are many modifications to original Android on other devices, more cluttered less space due to which most of the interfaces lags. And this is one of the major reasons why other Android devices usually fails to impress most of the iPhone users. But I personally recommend all those who are using iPhone and afraid to make a switch, try this Nexus 5. This is the Android for iPhone users.

Why Nexus 5 is great than other Android phones:

Simple clean UI. Fast performance that matches top specs phones out there. Very very competitive price. Best contacts management. Google Now. Great screen/display/colors. Most durable phone. Fits nicely in hands. Good camera. Seamless Google apps integration. First to get all latest updates from Google. Great battery.

I’ve used this phone as my daily driver, all day long with calls, using WiFi, 3G and more, at the day end I saved 21% of battery, that is amazing.


This phone is for those who care about what’s inside the phone than out side. Google took a smart approach by saving a lot from outer body of this device. Which I think is looking great now as well.

If you wanna stay out of the battleground of ongoing Android vs iPhone battle and keeping your pockets saved at the same time, then be simple and join the Nexus family.