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Why I ditched my Apple watch for this new coolness.

After all that hype and glossy advertisements I was one of firsts in my town to pre order (once so shinny) Apple watch. With time I get used to it, the features which I felt wasn’t necessary became a part of my daily life, cool notifications of every app you have installed on your iPhone, all emails, quickly read messages, imessages, quick access/notifications from other instant messengers, changing tracks while driving, while workout without putting an effort to take out my phone from my pocket (such a tough job, right?)

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Why Dubai is the best place for Designers

Dubai is the best place for every professional, this is the most advance and the most developed city where everything is on your finger tips, quick and easy access to almost each and everything you need in this time of fast paced technology. Designers need more flavors in their work and thats why this place is gold mine for designers, specially new media designers because this place is and will be the best when it comes to new media and technology,

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Visiting Dubai? Things to do in Dubai

Dubai is known as business hub for Middle East. In past few years alot of development has been done, Dubai has shaped itself in recent years like no other cities around the world. Dubai is the place where you can find people from various nationalities. If you are planning to visit Dubai do visit the following places.

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