User Need Analysis

How to do User Need Analysis or User Task Analysis for website.

1. Discover what tasks your website/web application must support

2. Determine appropriate scope of content for your interface.

3. Refine or redefine the navigation for your web/web app to support users goal, to make sure the site is efficient, effective and satisfying to target audience.

4. Build specific web pages/sections that match users’ goals, task and steps.

5. Ensure that the final user interface design, its implementation and execution supports all the tasks required.


What we achieve from task/need analysis:

Understand User goals: What are the goals for users, what they are trying to achieve, what we want them to achieve.

What users do to achieve goals.

What personal, social and cultural characteristics the users bringing to tasks.

How users are influenced by their physical environment.

How users previous knowledge and experience influence how they think and interact with your website. Their previous experience could be based on competitor website experiences and/or previous version of your website.