Why theres a slash between UI and UX?

This has always been a great topic for debates amongst UI and UX people and I always find this topic interesting to put some light on. This is bothering me since long, and once I myself used to be a part of this slash between UI and UX.

The slash part is honestly very confusing and its seriously giving the wrong impression to people who really understand UX, its like you are saying you are either this ‘User Interface Designer (UI)’ or that ‘User Experience Designer (UX)’ or both and leaving the choice to the viewers.

Evolution from web design to UI and UX

Most of the designers, to be concrete in digital started as website designer later the trend came for mobile application design and everything changed from pages concept to sections, categories and modules, I don’t mean it in a wrong way but most of website designers evolved into user interface designers, there is nothing wrong is this, but the fact that some UI designers understands UX as well (which is really important because if you don’t understand UX you cannot implement that into your interface). Understanding UX doesn’t mean you are a UX designer as well, lets say if you know about the technicalities of your car would you say you are a driver/mechanic? No. But yes if you do that mechanical stuff as your profession then you would.

Now some of these design professionals, evolved from UI design to UX design, but the confusion is they are doing UX and saying that they are UI/UX designers. So its ethically wrong of only UI designers to say they are UI/UX and its really least smart for UX designers to say they are UI/UX.

Making it clear

If you are UI + UX you don’t really need to say that you are UI/UX. You say you are a UX Designer, because if you know UX you should know that UI is one part of it and not a competitor or alternate. UI + UX = UX

Theres nothing wrong in being a just UI designer, if you say it right it will clear the clutter and honestly make things easier for all of us.